Best time to visit Brazil

The best time to visit The peak tourist season in Brazil falls on summer time (December to March), which is also considered the rainy season. But we’ll immediately warn you that despite all the delights of summer in Brazil, it also has drawbacks. Firstly, if you can hardly tolerate a hot humid climate, it is better to choose a different season, since in most of Brazil it is very hot and the thermometer often rises to a mark of 43-45 degrees. Secondly, if in a normal life you’re used to avoiding places with a huge number of people, then this can hardly be liked on vacation, so again, postpone your trip to Brazil to another time of the year.

Misanthropes should avoid the period before Christmas and until the end of the carnival (February – March, depending on the year). If you travel with a limited budget, summer (in our opinion winter) Brazil will be an expensive pleasure. Prices, especially at the time of the carnival, go up for everything.

In general, do not postpone the dream journey until better times, forward to Brazil! Just do not forget that when planning a trip during the peak season, you need to book hotels in advance in any country.
The ideal time to visit Brazil is spring – from September to mid-November, as well as autumn, which begins immediately after the carnival, from March to May. In these seasons, weather conditions are very favorable: comfortable temperature of water and air, prices, as a rule, are several times lower, and there are no crowds of vacationers.
In June and August, when winter comes in Brazil, it’s better to choose another country for travel. In Brazil, it is cool and raining at this time.